My name is Alisa Anokhina. I am a postgraduate researcher at University College London.


This blog was created to bring academic research in food psychology to people using words that make sense. “Food psychology” is an odd term to use, but it’s probably the most accurate. I am interested how and why people eat and how they think about food. I am also interested in challenging badly reported science in the media with, hopefully, good science.

The title, Irrations, is a word play on “rations” and “irrational”. It’s also an extremely obscure reference to K-rations, which were army food packs developed for optimum nutrition and maximum cardboard flavour by a lovely chap called Ancel Keys.

I am currently working towards my PhD in clinical and health psychology but I also like writing and talking. Sometimes I talk from dimly-lit stages about psychology and food. Here’s a talk I did at TEDxUCL last year on the psychology of weight loss:


Feel free to email me any of the following:

  • Suggestions for interesting topics to cover
  • Information about events relevant to psychology and eating
  • Commissions for public talks
  • Personal anecdotes
  • Angry rants
  • Pictures of your cat

– my email address is alisa.anokhina [at]

As a disclaimer, please note that the views expressed in this blog are not necessarily of my university, past or present.